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StomatoBot is aimed to solve the surveillance monitoring problem in near real-time and aims to do what CCTVs currently fail at.

With rising insecurity in the world of today, constant 24x7 supervision is imperative for your premises. What we need is a better security system, one which understands what's happening.

By the time CCTV footage reaches authorities, hours after a crime was committed, the level of police effectiveness in solving it decreases drastically.

StomatoBot is working towards solving this issue by implementing technology that will be able to notify authorities as the incident is taking place.

"To watch when no one is watching" is our motto!

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  • Image Processing

    How well do we understand images?

  • Computer Vision

    How well can we extract actionable info from images?

  • Machine Learning

    How well can we make predictions and learn from data?

  • Deep Learning

    How can we teach computers to do things our brains can do naturally?


Small team solving real big problems!
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Anand Muglikar

CEO & Gardener
The connectome that visualized and now realizing WatchMan from the ground up. Reads too much!
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Rajashri Muglikar

Co-founder & CPE
The reason StomatoBot stands tall. Cooks code:papers::yummy food:recipes!

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