StomatoBot Technologies Pvt Ltd is incorporated!

I’m feeling awesome to announce that my new (and first) company StomatoBot Technologies Pvt Ltd has been incorporated today!

It’s almost like my first professional child has been born when I read this on the Certificate of Incorporation:

“I hereby certify that STOMATOBOT TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED is incorporated on this
Nineteenth day of August Two Thousand Fifteen under the Companies Act, 2013 and that the
company is limited by shares.”


StomatoBot incorporated

I attribute this good news to the fierce support and blessings of my late mother Kavita Muglikar, my loving wife and pillar of strength Rajashri Muglikar, my confidante and one of the best friends growing up – my sister Amruta Muglikar and often critical yet supportive in an unlikely manner – my father Anil Muglikar.

And also to those countless well-wishers both online and offline. Last but not the least I’m grateful to Shri Pandurang Shinde – my first investor! I also am thankful to so many people who met me as investors. Hope we have a mutually beneficial relationship forever.

I’m thankful in anticipation to all my to-be-clients too! 🙂

I’m the Founder and officially the Managing Director of StomatoBot, though I like to call myself as the Chief Gardener! Looking forward to doing great work with an amazing team in the future in Computer Vision, Image Processing, Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Watch out this space for news about us henceforth. Most of all stay tuned for the launch of our first product whose name is yet to be trademarked. Exciting times ahead…!

P.S.: A lot many things will be updated / upgraded / edited / modified on this website as well as other social networks. Please be patient and stay updated with these changes.

How to reach us?

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