Customer Proposal & WatchMan Quotation

SalesAfter almost 2 long years of hard work and research, we have something revolutionary that could change the surveillance industry forever! Something that security people only wished they had, something that people who faced abuses and assaults wished had come to their rescue. Something that could potentially be life saving and make people feel safer at home or business!

I’m Anand Muglikar, CEO & Gardener @StomatoBot Technologies, Pune, India. I might have met you personally or may be only online. But everyone of you is really important to me as a potential customer or as voluntary evangelist being my fierce fierce friends. So, I’m excited to bring this news to you first. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the sweet fruit of our efforts, which we fondly call ‘WatchMan’.
Your ‘WatchMan’ who never sleeps!


1. Automates CCTV Surveillance
2. For Proactive Mobile Alerts
3. In Near-Real-time*

P.S.: Did we tell you we did a huge Traffic Survey & Analysis project for Pune Municipal Corporation, last year!

View below our 2 page detailed Customer Proposal or download it here: StomatoBot_Customer_Proposal

P.P.S.: Please do not forget to view the 2nd page of this document.



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