Recent developments in Signal and Image Processing – Applications

Lena Söderberg

Lena Söderberg

I was invited to talk on the recent developments in Signal and Image Processing at the Image Processing Workshop at VIT, Pune on the 23rd of August, 2013. My intro talk received awesome response from students and teachers alike. Presentation was about 2 hours 15 mins. Students really loved the talk as almost 80% of the presentation contained videos. I made a presentation the way I would have wanted to hear when I was a student. I didn’t use much technical jargon, but tried to generate interest in this field among students as most students were sophomores to pre-final and final year engineering undergrads . I explained to the students the logic behind each of the videos involved and how each of these videos comprised some genius signal / image processing. Surprisingly, I asked students if they needed a break after 1 hour 30 mins and they said a loud “No!”. Overwhelmed by the response one of the next sessions’ presenter asked me to continue as students were loving listening to me. Listening to that was music to my ears! 🙂

I gave a presentation using an ODP file in LibreOffice on my Debain Linux for the first time and thankfully it all worked very well. I am hereby sharing the slides on slideshare after having made sure no citation is missing in it. I regained confidence in an impromptu presentation with extempore speech. All thanks to the awesome field of IP, CV, ML, AI and Robotics. I know I triggered the imagination of a few students who will have a great future in these fields. Also introduced them to #MOOCs.

Thank you everyone in Elex Dept. at VIT, especially PA Kulkarni ma’am, HOD Chopde Sir and Asst. Prof Sagar Janokar (without whose help, this wouldn’t have been possible) and the audience. I take this opportunity to also thank my friends and well-wishers on Facebook and LinkedIn, who generously shared new ideas, concepts and some of them even their own research for taking this endeavor of mine to fruition. I apologize if I end up disappointing some of you (from FB and LinkedIn), who shared ideas that were too complex to explain to students, as most of them were having their first brush with image processing here. And I didn’t want to scare them off. Last but not the least, thanks to Ashutosh Marathe Sir, Sagar Joglekar, Paras Salunkhe & Swapnil Sakharshete for introducing me to this awesome field!

I love Computer Vision! 🙂

Finally, here are the slides as many of you had been asking. Please let me know if I am missing any citation and ways in which this presentation could have been better. I wanted to include many more things like SLAM and other algorithms, but for want of time, had to leave many other new developments out.

The texts in sky blue color and / or underlined are links. Please Note: Comments are more than welcome. As always, thanks for reading! 🙂

Here’s my pic after being felicitated by P A Kulkarni Ma’am!

Here's my pic after being felicitated by P A Kulkarni Ma'am!

Was offered an honorarium in Rs. too! 🙂

Was offered an honorarium too! :) on Twitpic

My #KharichaVata (little contribution) to LibreOffice! 🙂

My #KharichaVata (little contribution) to LibreOffice! :)

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