Computer VisionTalk

Videos of Anand Muglikar’s talk on ‘Recent Trends in #ComputerVision’

In this Intro Talk, Anand Muglikar, our CEO & Gardener @StomatoBot Pune, India, shows the recent trends in Computer Vision using mesmerizing audio-visual content.

He also explains the underlying principles behind those applications of Signal processing, Image processing, Computer Vision, Machine Vision, Machine Learning, AI & Deep Learning.

Alpha_Blending of 2 faces

How to do Face Morphing using OpenCV

Its been some time since I posted on this website. And I am sorry to myself for not keeping up the promise I made to myself in the last post. I was locked out of this website for some time and I had nothing original to share. Thanks to my friend and colleague Mahesh Sonawane (He has some[…]