Computer VisionTalk

Videos of Anand Muglikar’s talk on ‘Recent Trends in #ComputerVision’

In this Intro Talk, Anand Muglikar, our CEO & Gardener @StomatoBot Pune, India, shows the recent trends in Computer Vision using mesmerizing audio-visual content.

He also explains the underlying principles behind those applications of Signal processing, Image processing, Computer Vision, Machine Vision, Machine Learning, AI & Deep Learning.


StomatoBot Technologies Pvt Ltd is incorporated!

I’m feeling awesome to announce that my new (and first) company StomatoBot Technologies Pvt Ltd has been incorporated today! It’s almost like my first professional child has been born when I read this on the Certificate of Incorporation: “I hereby certify that STOMATOBOT TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED is incorporated on this Nineteenth day of August Two[…]

Lena Söderberg

Recent developments in Signal and Image Processing – Applications

I was invited to talk on the recent developments in Signal and Image Processing at the Image Processing Workshop at VIT, Pune on the 23rd of August, 2013. My intro talk received awesome response from students and teachers alike. Presentation was about 2 hours 15 mins. Students really loved the talk as almost 80% of[…]

Stomatopod or Mantis Shrimp

Why a new website? Why again? What went wrong, or perhaps right?

This is my 2.01st attempt at creating and maintaining a website. This is still a hobby project. Instead of narrating what went wrong in my previous attempts, the lessons I learnt are that I should do what is necessary first rather than what I wish to do. Yes, they seem very similar, but that is what failed[…]